A Reason of Falling

Wei An

A Reason for Falling (working title) is a solo that I’ve been developing out of three ideas. The first is the flow state, often defined as the state of optimal experience; it is also the state of optimal performance, and one that I seek to tap into as a performer. The second is The Art of Falling, my movement practice and the basis for much of the vocabulary in my choreography. The final idea is freeriding, a style of mountain biking, snowboarding, and skiing, that is primarily riding down a mountain while performing the craziest manoeuvres imaginable.

And by putting the flow state together with The Art of Falling, I hope to tap into the idea of dance as a form of freeriding.

The workbook presented here takes the form of a mind-map which charts out the conceptual journey from TAoF and research into the flow state, and ends with freeriding. The mind-map is interactive; clicking on the different bubbles or using the arrows at the bottom (for a step-by-step journey) will take you through the different ideas I have been exploring. Also included are a series of exercises that I use to access the flow state, which you are most welcome to try out for yourself.

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The Art of Falling
The Art of Falling
Flow Exercises (Demo)
Flight Systems


Wei-An has spent his whole life falling down; it’s a by-product of systemic over-reach, thinking he can do more than he actually can, whether that meant trying to spin on his head or backflip before he was ready, or trying to learn how to snowboard on his own. And though he may not be the best at those activities, he’s become quite good at falling. He has, in fact, built his contemporary practice around his love-hate relationship with gravity, and the connections this relationship has with the psychological state of flow.

Recently, Wei-An’s works have been performed in Malaysia, Singapore, Northern Ireland, Canada, and South Korea. And since 2017, he has been organising Paradigm Shift, an annual event that brings together contemporary and street dancers in an experimental jam and competition, which aims to discover the creative possibilities that arise when these dance forms interact.

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