jereh leung

as a child, i was made aware of the specifics of gender performativity and it is only in recent years that i began to make sense of the cultural construction, and the norms that have been ingrained in society’s collective consciousness.

here are series of explorations in various mediums spanning across sound design, performance, sculpture, film and research. they were complied after an performance/installation creation titled auditory intimacy where the performer (i) had no text of my own, only lines of the female protagonist mrs chan that was pasted over me through the speakers. here, i saw myself as an android, in the sense that a different identity could be projected onto my self, and i could transverse between genders. link to trailer here.

monologue is a revelation of the alter ego, intersecting between biography and camp drag. I see this as self deprecating and cathartic confession, and an emancipation after reading theorist Jose Munoz Esteban’s Disidentification. monologue will be realised as a durational performance in 2021.



jereh leung’s work in performance seeks to reevaluate patriarchal identities. he creates landscapes of viscerality by merging different mediums such as body, sculpture and sound. he studied dance in sead (salzburg) and nafa(singapore). he has worked with numerous singaporean artists and companies such as bani haykal, choy ka fai, daniel kok, dramabox, frontier danceland and tWorks; and internationally with artists such as isabelle schad(germany) and xavier le roy(france/germany)