Vitruvian Woman

Pat toh

Vitruvian Man is depicted as the classic ideal figure, the canon of human proportions. Yet when one type of body (usually white, male, full citizen of a polity, speaking a standard language) is the role model of civilisation, all other types of bodies in its domination are deemed less; multiple cultures, subjectivities and historicist processes excluded as other. This masculine standard of universal sameness raises crucial issues of imperialism, colonisation and violence.

This project is not an aspiration to remove man from the map but to re-think and to re-imagine alternative visions to beauty and femininity. In this micro residency, an antithesis of the Vitruvian Man was explored with photography, images were edited to create alternate, other and non-human shapes to deconstruct notions of the ideal body.

Man as the singular species of supremacy must no longer have full reign. The destabilization of a fixed centrality pave the way for the deconstruction of Woman in all other categories and the life of animal, plant, bacteria and nonhuman entities.



Pat Toh is a Singaporean performance artist whose work is centered on the effects, remnants and trauma of ideology and bio-power on the body. Her practice unfolds at the intersection of theatre, sports and the live art. She understands the theatre as not just a place for telling stories but also a form of embodied philosophical practice. Her work Topography of Breath looks at the corporeality of exhaustion, using breath to contemplate struggle and failure. She has presented at Raw Series at Esplanade Theatre Studio, M1 Fringe Festival, Indonesia Dance Festival and State of Motion. She was Substation artist-in-residence and an associate member at Dance Nucleus, a space for independent dance makers.